See the Photos

These images aim to capture the spirit of the river and the people who go there. You can experience these photos in context,  by exploring the interactive map of the Anacostia River.

Explore the Anacostia

Use this map to explore the geographic location of the photographs. Click for more information on the photo.  Hear more of the story behind these photos by watching the multimedia.

Words from the Community

Writings in response to the question “What does the Anacostia River mean to you?” Collected from the Ward 8 Farmers Market. To see more community-created content, visit Images from the Community

Images from the Community

The Anacostia means something different to everyone. Here, community members submitted their own photos from time spent at the River. Have pictures you want to share? Email them to Want to spread the word to your friends and family Read More …

Postcards from Anacostia

The Anacostia is a beautiful natural resource, but it often goes unnoticed at best. These postcards were created in a playful effort to promote the river as a destination as well as address the perception that the area is a Read More …

A Year By the River

A Year By the River The first time I went down to the river, I couldn’t figure out where to park. Even on Google Maps the directions to the shore hadn’t been clear. I parked at the Metro stop that Read More …